Free Responsive Email Template – An Exclusive Design For Our Readers


It’s been a while since we’ve given away a free/premium email template so I decided to take action and here is the result. This high quality, hand designed, hand coded, email template is 100% responsive and ready for any device. It is lean and created to display properly in every email client possible. The color […]


Litir – A Unique Responsive Email Template

responsive email template

There isn’t any kind of shortage of great responsive email designs these days, however the ones that are truly unique are quite rare. This gem of an email design really stuck out to me and and begged me to buy it, so I did. The style and compatibility are what appealed to me most. It […]


Zero – The Flat Email Template That Will Make Your Subscribers Smile

flat email template

What makes a great email design? I would say a balance of solid color scheme, precise typography, beautiful style, perfect alignment, and clean code. That being said, design is subjective, and people will always have their differing opinions. Personally, one of my favorite styles is the flat design style that has become increasingly popular in […]