6 Resources That Are Inspiring Email Design Greatness in 2013

It’s a place where many creatives have been, the dreaded creative rut.

For the fortunate few, it only lasts a minute or two. It can, however last hours, days, weeks, months, and…dare I say…years?! (I’ve heard some stories)

This presents a question:

What’s missing in our lives during these “ruts”?

Who knows! Everyone’s life is different. However, I do know something that has guided me through creative blockages..

One word: inspiration.

Before I begin a new email design, I’ll first visit one or more of the following email design resources. These are the best resources I’ve been able to find. They help me to stay innovative and on the cutting edge of modern design trends. I hope they help you just as much.

If we’re all inspired by the best of the best, we’re all destined to create better things.

Okay, it’s time to get INSPIRED!

1. Campaign Monitor


2. MailChimp Inspiration


3. HTML Email Gallery


4. Beautiful Email Newsletters